5 Tips on How to Hire the Best Tenancy Cleaning Service

5 Tips on How to Hire the Best Tenancy Cleaning Service

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Tenancy cleaning can overwhelm even a large family. When you have to do it alone, it is near impossible. That is why going for a tenancy cleaning service is a good idea.  You get to have the cleaning done professionally which reduces the risk that the landlord will dispute your tenancy deposit refund. The work is also done in a short time meaning you can get on with other issues like settling in your new home sooner. Especially, if you live in a big city as London. Finding professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London can be difficult, so read the below advices. How can you make sure that you get the best tenancy cleaning service?

Interview the cleaning service

You should know what kind of people you are dealing with. The best way to do this is by having an interview with them.  A phone interview can work, but a face to face interview at their offices is even better. You are able to see how they treat their clients and how they respond to difficult questions.

Ask for references

References enable you to check how well a cleaning service did previous jobs. You can get reviews from previous customers on what they think about the cleaning service. You can also check one of the many business review sites to check if there are outstanding complaints about the cleaning service.

Be clear on the rates

If you are looking for the best tenancy cleaning service, you must be sure to ask and clarify on the rates. This will help avoid future disputes on payments. Ask the cleaning service to make a clear and detailed price quote showing what item costs what price.

Give clear a scope of work and expectations

The scope of work can be the source of a dispute when the cleaning service leaves out some tasks because you did not include them in the scope of work, but which you took for granted would be done. Be clear on what you want. Ask even the uncomfortable questions about the extent of the toilet and bathroom cleaning.

Ask about cleaning materials and tools

A cleaning service will usually come to the site fully loaded with cleaning materials and tools. However, be sure to check if they will need to use anything in the house. If they require that you avail some items, who takes care of the costs?

Ask on their green policy

Does the cleaning service use green products? The best tenancy cleaning service should use cleaning materials that are safe and non-toxic.  Also, ask about the way they dump the trash. This way you will do your bit to keep the environment safer.