7 Tips for a Trouble-free House Share London Stay

7 Tips for a Trouble-free House Share London Stay

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Sharing a house is a survival tactic that more and more Londoners are resorting to cope with the high rents in the city. Living with strangers in the same house can be both challenging and rewarding. The experience will depend on your behaviour in the house as much as your housemates. Here are some tips to make your house share in London smoother.

Make the best out of your space

You can optimise your space with the use of dual purpose furniture like a bed with underside drawers or a reading table with drawers. Adopt a minimalist approach to make your room more spacious.

Make a cleaning plan

The best way to avoid those ‘it-was-your-day-no-it-wasn’t’ kind of fights is to come up with a duty roster. In the absence of this, chaos will rule, and the house will quickly turn into a disaster. A good alternative is to arrange for a weekly cleaning service and share the costs.

Thou shall not covet

The easiest way to a fight is by taking what is not yours. Resist the urge just like you would resist the itch to pick up something at the supermarket. If you can’t resist, request the owner. In the event that you can’t do both and find that you have already done the deed, do a very quick replacement.

Have rules for visitors

It is rude having a noisy and rowdy gathering in the common room when your housemates are least expecting it. If you plan to have visitors over, ensure that the housemates are aware of it. At no time should you allow your visitors to go into private rooms.

Be clear about the bills

You are in a shared house so as to reduce your bills, so anyone skipping on their bills does a great injury to the rest of the housemates. It is important to keep track of who is paying and who is not. You can use an app like Splitwise or just the good ledger.

Respect shared space

Shared spaces should be kept neat and organised. If your housemate has a particular favourite spot, ensure that you clean up the bread crumbs after you are done with it. Everyone should have a share of the space available, for example, a pin on the door for each housemate to hang their umbrellas.


Humans are social animals. The more time you spend together with your housemates, the more you understand their foibles. Do stuff together like watching a movie or playing board games. These will surely avoid some of the problems you may have when you do house share with other people. And remember on of the best ways to find an adequate House Share London is by visiting house share websites such as Room Hunters.