7 Tips for Hassle Free Moving with Man and Van Easi Movers

7 Tips for Hassle Free Moving with Man and Van Easi Movers

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Moving a house is one of the more challenging personal tasks you will do once or twice in life. Man and van service Easi movers say that moving house can be done pretty smoothly if you follow some few tips in packing and unpacking which are the biggest tasks on moving day.

Pack early

Packing early will allow for careful placement of items. You will not mix up or misplace your items which would happen in case you packed late in a rush. Easi movers say that when moving a big house, you could start 2 months earlier and 1 month for a small house.

Less frequent items first

The items that are not used frequently and which are not likely to be used in the near future should be packed first. These could be Christmas decorations or gardening tools. Making a checklist will help you identify these items.

Pack one room at a time

It is a bit chaotic trying to pack all items in one go. It is more advisable packing one room at a time. It helps to mark the packing boxes according to the rooms. This guides the removals crew when unloading.

Dump the junk

Junk should be left behind. If you have been keeping that trike for sentimental reasons, it is time to consider giving it away to charity. There is much junk in every house, old newspapers, old clothes, old electronics. Take to the recycling dump or deserving charities.

30 pounds limit

Easi movers say that you should try limiting the weight of packing boxes to 30 pounds. This reduces the risk of the box’ bottom tearing off when lifting. The average adult can also lift a 30 pound box which makes loading and unloading easy if you don’t have plenty of manpower and have to chip in.

Place heavy boxes at the bottom

Heavier boxes should go to the bottom. They make a good base for placing lighter items. Furniture like sofas can adequately carry light items like cutlery.

Good labeling

Labeling the packing boxes helps in picking out which box goes to what room. You could also use different colored boxes for different rooms so that the boxes are easier to pick out from the stack.

Stuff packing gaps

Not all items will fit snugly into their packing boxes. You can fill the gaps in the boxes with old rags or newspapers. This will prevent your items from rattling about in the box and knocking on each other. This is highly advisable for glassware and ceramics.