Hi, I am Jessie Audrey. I am a professional blogger and writer. I build blogs from the different interesting topics that I write and some are from my travel experiences as well. My line of work is more on internet marketing and local business consulting. I help small businesses establish their presence online and gain more revenue and customer with the help of google search engine. I also love to travel on different places and write reviews for restaurants, hotels and places that I went. It is really an exciting work as I get to know lots of people are benefiting from my reviews.

I am also a content writer with blogging experience as one of my main strengths in my portfolio. I build my own blog and write my own content for it. I also got my highest income in my blogs through adsence and affiliates. Being a blogger is not really easy like most people think. There are numerous rules and standard regulations that you need to follow in order to avoid penalty and to lose your revenue. What makes it hard is that those rules and regulations are changing. Sometimes you get updates for 2 week, 6 months or a year. So one must need to continue to study and get updated with the latest trends and standards or norm with regards to internet marketing and blogging, and this what makes it less boring but challenging.

Even if there are lots of hardships and sometimes failures in this industry, I am still very happy and love doing this type of jobs. It entice my passion as a writer and blogger. It provides life to my mind and body as I keep on learning while earning. That is one of the most important thing in your work. You just don’t earn but you have growth in terms of your skills and attitude.