5 Destinations You Never Heard of (But You Should Visit)

5 Destinations You Never Heard of (But You Should Visit)

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Are you looking forward to having a vacation before the summer ends? If you are planning to go to one of the more popular destinations like Hawaii, Ibiza or Bali perhaps it is time to reconsider. Going off the beaten path will lead you to some of the less visited places on the planet that are nonetheless breathtakingly beautiful. You will also enjoy a quieter vacation and maybe get a discount as there is no crowding to speak of. Check out some of these destinations that you should visit in 2017.

Hainan Island –China

There is more to china than the Great Wall. Hainan Island is off China’s southern coast and has been dubbed China’s Hawaii for its breathtaking tropical beauty. You will find an ancient Hainan people village, a Shaolin temple and a volcano in the beautiful scenery.

Anguilla Island – Caribbean

Arguably one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, Anguilla lies near the more famous St. Martin. The sands here are pure white and the water so light blue it looks like it is lit from below. This peaceful island is perfect for a quiet vacation. It limits noisy activities like Jet Skis and loud music.

Gdansk- Poland

This ancient city in the Baltics is associated with more modern events like being the trigger place of World War II. It is a on the picturesque Gulf of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea. This area has long been known for its plentiful Amber. There is an Amber museum as well as other historical sights to see around the city.

Crete – Greece

Many visitors to Greece will head to Athens to see the Pantheon and other ancient sites. Crete is overlooked yet one of the more beautiful places in Greece. It is steeped in Greek mythology being mentioned alongside colorful figures like the Minotaur. There are more recent attractions to see like the Venetian Castle. You can also walk in the Palm Beach of Vai which is the largest palm forest in Europe.

Bhutan – Asia

This is an ancient kingdom hidden in the East Himalayas. The Bhutan people like their quiet and limit the number of people who can come to visit. You will be amazed seeing building perched on top of sheer cliffs. Go to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery and feel vertiginous overlooking the Himalayas from a balcony 1 km high in the cliffs.

Koh Lipe –Thailand

This is one of the lesser known of the islands in the Andaman Sea. It is breathtakingly beautiful with water so clear you can see tropical fish swimming 1 meter down. Visit the Tarutao National Marine Park and see an amazing array of tropical marine life.

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