How to See and Experience New York

How to See and Experience New York

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For a new visitor to the Big Apple, seeing the city’s 3 million residents scurrying around is a wonder. Despite its big size, it is easy to see most of New York as a tourist using the efficient public transport. It is a unique experience especially for a tourist coming and many come to New York to enjoy attractions like the subway. What is the best way to see and experience New York?


As the oldest subway system in the world, New York’s subway is also the most complicated for someone not used to riding in underground trains. Tourists can download a smartphone app as a guide. There is also the New York Subway Art Tour in tourists can learn more about the subway. It is a great highlight of American culture. There are all kinds of shows by magicians, musicians, poets and other performers doing it for possible fame and fortune.


The yellow taxi is an icon on New York’s streets. It can be hailed by raising a hand and shouting ‘Taxi!’ or any other method of catching the drivers who are always on the lookout for a fare. You can also hail Uber taxis through a smartphone.


Taking a bus is one of the most leisurely ways of seeing New York. You can get buses at bus stops which are designated by bus stops at every other two blocks. There are bus tours that go along the routes of the most popular sights and landmarks of the city. There are smartphone apps that help plan a bus tour.

By foot

New York is a friendly place for a tourist on foot. Much of the city is on flat ground which affords the walker long walks without tiring. Walking lets you see the city and its people up close. However, tourists are advised to the parts of the city frequented by other tourists. Visit 5th avenue and see why New York is a major fashion capital of the world.


You can take a boat or ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Riding on a boat or ferry offers a very good view of the city from the harbour. You will get organised boat tours to the popular and historic points of the harbour including Ellis Island which was the entry point for many of America’s immigrants.


You can take a tram and see New York from a bird’s eye view. Take the tram that goes over Roosevelt Island and enjoy a fantastic 2 minutes ride over the city letting you take very good photos of this experience.